Young Adult Author

The Puppet Triangle


Twelve-year-old Brock Statler lives in northern Ontario, Canada.  Brock is overwhelmed by loneliness and feels abandoned after his parents' divorce, his grandfather's death, and his only friend gone for the summer holidays.  A learning disability limiting self-confidence requires a major boost for Brock's challenge to survive the summer alone.

Brock's decision to transform into a confident, risk-taking, adventurous person becomes a challenge of a lifetime when he befriends a class troublemaker.  Justin Galley leads Brock into a nightmare of crime and punishment.

A friendship develops with a senior citizen through Brock's sentencing, and he reconnects with his deceased grandfather.  Brock finds true friendship, which fills his grandfather's loss, and his learning skills improve.  A horrifying sumer results in a growth in maturity, learning lessons of life, along with difficult challenges providing Brock with experience in making life-threatening decisions.

The Puppet Triangle

ISBN: 9781424121533

Published February 13, 2006 by Publish America

$9.95 US at Publisher