Young Adult Author


Steps to Justice

(Sequel to 'The Puppet Triangle')

ISBN: 1424189993

Publish America

Released: October 22, 2007!!

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Brock Statler reunites with his ringleader after two years.  Justin Galley returns from serving sentence in detention center and joins Brock in a new relationship as they begin grade ten together.  Brock’s girlfriend, Sarah, is sexually assaulted at Northshore High school.  A series of assaults on female students have police searching for a lead.  Brock and Justin join forces to investigate on their own and find the perpetrator responsible for Sarah’s attack.  New evidence provides a suspect and further planning is crucial to capturing Sarah’s assailant.  Brock discovers dark secrets from Justin’s past, explaining his friends behavioral problems and understanding the total transformation he sees in Justin today.  Brock fights to keep Sarah safe from another assault and in doing so finds himself shocked by nightmares surfacing about Sarah’s past.  A deeper and meaningful relationship develops between Brock and Sarah when the truth exposes itself and loyalty draws them closer.  Brock finds a true friendship with Justin when all of the dark secrets have surfaced and Brock sees his new friend for the real person that he has become.  The team work together to overcome ghosts from the past.  Brock’s determination to help his two best friends provide him with all the motivation required to bringing ‘Justice for all’.  Brock designs his own ‘Steps to Justice’ to share with all victims of abuse.