Young Adult Author


Mar. 10/06:  Received Author copies, placed book order and received books March 17th.

Feb. 16/06:  Now available for Pre-Ordering at Publish America.

Feb. 13/06: The Puppet Triangle was published Monday, February 13, 2006.

Feb. 7/06:  Release Date is April 17, 2006.  Book goes to printer on Monday, February 13th.

Feb. 6/06:  Received cover design.

Jan 10/06:  Received final proofs, 48 hr. review; sent proofs back to PA Jan. 11.  The Puppet Triangle is now in Cover Design Department and expected to be completed within 4 weeks. 

Jan 4/06:  Sent Page Proofs Corrections to PA

Dec 29/05: Received Page Proofs

Dec 12/05: Received advance

Dec 8/05:  Sent final draft of manuscript, The Puppet Triangle, to Production Department for book formatting.  Next step is 15 day review of book set-up.

Dec 1/05: Received Options for printing; sent book reviews along with choice of Option #2.

Nov 22/05: Received ISBN 1424121531

Nov 14/05: Received Author Questionnaire

Nov 1/05: Received 1st book review

Oct 25/05: Received contract in mail from Publish America; read, signed, and mailed out with copy of Copyright Certificate.

Oct 18/05: Started sending request letters for book reviews.

Oct 14/05: Sent Acquisitions Editor newspaper contact, address, email address for preparing Press Release for signing on with Publish America.

Sep 29/05: Received Copyright Certificate

Sep 26/05: Registered for Copyright

Sep 20/05: Publish America accepts 'The Puppet Triangle'.

Sep 16/05: Email from Acquisition editor notifying contact to be made within a week as to the status of my manuscript.

Sep 11/05: Submitted query with complete manuscript to Publish America.