Young Adult Author

Books in Progress:

Working Title: Arissa's Secret - is in revisions stage.  Will be submitted to Publish America next year for consideration to publish.

Arissa's Secret is about a 15 year-old athletic girl challenged to win her school's first trophy for cross-country running.  After diagnosed during summer holidays with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, she is faced with keeping her illness a secret from her boyfriend, best friend, and athletic coach.  If released, her secret may have devastating effects on competing in school competitions, losing her boyfriend, failing her teammates, and losing all means of fulfilling a final goal.

Work Now in Progress:

'The Puppet Triangle' Sequel: Steps to Justice, is in revisions stage.  Due to overwhelming requests from readers to read the sequel, part 2 of The Puppet Triangle is now done in first draft.  I hope to have manuscript ready for submission to Publish America by September 2006.  Be patient and those waiting to discover the conclusion for Brock's future and how Justin's sentencing affects his life will soon be able to read the sequel.