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Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Title: The Puppet Triangle

AUTHOR:  T. M. Deschamps


Brock’s best and only friend has left him alone for the summer. Despite the excitement of a great summer job working on cars for his father, Brock fears it will be a lonely and long holiday.


When he finds himself befriended by another, more popular boy, Brock is at first flattered. But Justin has an ulterior and malicious motive. He takes the kind-hearted Brock under his wing, involving him in his personal vendetta against an elderly gentleman. Fortunately, Brock’s loving upbringing by his father and recently deceased grandfather serves him well, and he is able to stand up to Justin, and protect another new and valuable friend.


“The Puppet Triangle” teaches an important lesson using an endearing and innocent character.  The writing style is appropriate for the age group: clear, descriptive, and yet not condescending.  The evil character of Justin is particularly well drawn, and deserving of the fear he elicits from both Brock and the reader.  The moral lesson seems the main purpose of the author, and understanding it relies heavily on well-defined characters, which T. M. Deschamps is obviously aware of, and successfully achieves.


T. M. Deschamps lives in Ontario, Canada.   She has four children and nine grandchildren. She honed her writing skills at the Institute of Children’s Literature.


“The Puppet Triangle” is an entertaining and educational novel, recommended for the intelligent young adult audience. Reviewer: Nancy Morris, Allbooks Reviews.


Title: The Puppet Triangle

Author: T. M. Deschamps

Publisher: Publish America

 ISBN: 1-4241-2153-1

Pages: 171

Price: n/a

 July 2006       

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The Puppet Triangle by T M Deschamps

Publish America

Category: Suspense, Fiction


Our New Book Review


The Puppet Triangle is a must read for boys living with a single parent. The author, Theresa Deschamps, vividly describes the relationships that carry the main character thru the trials of the triangle. The story line is compelling enough that I read this book in one setting, I did not want to put it down! The story is about a young boy who has lost relationships due to divorce, death, and distance. Without realizing it, he draws from the relationships he still has, to pull him out of trouble in his newest relationship.

The planned summer of chasing fun and adventure became his summer of growth and realization. He learns that some people don’t always tell the truth. He learns to appreciate his own values and to rely on the morals his father and grandfather have passed down to him. His best rewards come in a 3rd relationship that is worth the time invested.

The Puppet Triangle should be in every middle school library because it touches on the trials of so many young boys who are living with the same losses and misconceptions of self. Single parents should also put The Puppet Triangle on their list of books to read. It is a great example of how children think they have everything under control when they don’t. It also shows that if a parent takes the time to teach, it will come back when the child most needs it.

Tina Stewart Editor5(at)newbookreviews.org


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ISBN 1-4241-2153-1

"This book should be required reading for all 10 - 14 year olds to help them embrace their individuality, accept their personal circumstances and recognize their strengths as they make life-threatening decisions.  I know that I'll be putting a couple of copies in my Special Education classroom!"

Heather Pollock: Special Education Resource Teacher/Guidance Counsellor, Englehart High School - Englehart, Ontario, Canada

"I counsel many students, like Brock's character, who are dealing with the wish to be accepted, peer pressures and the struggle to make wise life choices while others are not.  I hope that by reading this book, many "puppets" see themselves portrayed and that they use the supportive tools described in The Puppet Triangle in order to cut their own strings.  Can't wait to buy the book for our library at TDSS!"

Beverley J. Gordon: Guidance Counsellor, Timiskaming District Secondary School, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada

"The Puppet Triangle goes well beyond a typical day in the life of a pre-teen.  It is a wise and wonderful book...that deals with the turmoils facing our pre-teens today and how they handle them.  Each chapter is packed with insightful situations and how one person chose to deal with them."

Brenda Lemaire: Child and Youth Worker, St. Andrew's Elementary School, Weston, Ontario, Canada

"Great book!  Easy to read and I love the suspense.  As I read, I could see the story playing like a movie.  Because of the friendship that has developed between Brock and the older gentleman, I recommend The Puppet Triangle to all readers, young and old.  This would be a good book to have in a school library.  I can't wait for your next book!

Jeannine Morrison: Occupational Therapist, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

"The Puppet Triangle is a great book that should be included in any library.  Students will learn that bullying can happen to anyone, no matter the age, and it is not acceptable.  This book is a great example on how by having friends who are older or younger than you, you can learn from each other's experiences and even help each other through difficult situations."  Anonymous

"Brock is dreading the summer holidays.  His mother has left, his grandfather just passed away and now his best friend Trenton is leaving and not coming back until Labor Day weekend. 

And even though he has a summer job at his dad's garage, is starting a birdhouse building business Brock is drowing in loneliness.  He is ready for some action.  When Justin, the class bully arrives on the scene, Brock is excited but he quickly learns that being Justin's puppet is not what he had expected.  Even when Brock tries to figure out Justin's behaviour and tries to help him, the leader makes things worse for himself and Brock and for Mr. Challens, a retired teacher.

Brock has decided to solve his problems without his father's help.  He saves Mr. Challen's life and pays for Justin's crime.  In the end friendship and his honesty wins and Justin is charged.

Readers will easily identify with Brock's character.  To overcome his learning disability he is eager to do anything to fit in with others.  In today's society we meet many characters like Brock.  Theresa Deschamps has shown us how easy it is to fall for the wrong guy and to get involved with gangs.  But Brock's strong character and his determination to protect the innocent, help him overcome his loneliness and his learning disability.  The story is fast paced and has much action to captivate young readers as they follow Brock in his quest."

Martha Attema: Elementary School Teacher; Middle Grade & Young Adult Author, Powassan, Ontario, Canada

"I want to thank you so much for letting me read your newest piece of work.  I thoroughly enjoyed every page and found I couldn't put it down even for a minute.  Your wonderful descriptive writing allowed me to become part of the "whole scene" as it evolved and I felt as if I were there at every turn.  You made the characters come to life, page after page.  Excellent work!  I look forward to enjoying more of your future novels."

Nancy Sohm: Medical Secretary & Close friend, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

"I had the opportunity to read your recent novel "The Puppet Triangle", given to me by your friend, Nancy Sohm.  It truly was a heart warming story and well written.  It captured my attention and imagination throughout and I feel will reach the hearts of all ages.  The bitter-sweet ending makes one reflect on the dilemma facing our social workers on a day to day basis.  The juvenile delinquency portrayed is a fact of our society but it left me with a sadness for Justin's plight.  I have given your novel to my daughter, Darlene, who lives in Ottawa and trust she will give you her review in the near future.  Thank you and wishing you every success in your career Theresa."

Alice Lamport: Registered Nurse, North Bay, Ontario, Canada